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This wonderful background came from Boogie Jacks. He has everything a webmaster could need to design a great web site. Backgrounds Galore, buttons, banners & lots of good tutorials.

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Blue Sky Heart
My buttons came from Blue Sky. They have terrific icons, desktops, kaleidoscope schemes .

I got my free classifieds from Bravenet. There isn't much they don't have to offer.
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Here is a neat little tool that will Encrypt your Email address. It can't be recognized by spam spiders on your web page! Very neat.

HowAmazing.com - Collection of valuable free resources plus tools for developing incredible websites.

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Image Protection cgi script from SponsorFind. This is a great little script to protect your images. Just a couple things you need to know that might help you. First see my cgi script tip below. In the script they have a code that you need to insert in your html page. The code they have lists the wrong name for the script. It is actually StealThis.cgi not StealThis_Pro.cgi. Make sure you change this.

PPalStore Cgi Script - This is a great free shopping cart script developed by Chris Stafford at cstafford.com. If you use PayPal it will save you lots of money! If you don't know much about installing cgi scripts or just need help Chris will do it for you at a very reasonable fee... especially considering the money you will save. I highly Recommend this script!

Mals - A great free remotely hosted shopping cart. It is what I use now. Very easy set-up and configuration. They even have the ability to add an affiliate program to your store at no cost. Check out their forum if you have any questions. The have a nice little community of users.

Cgi Script Tip

• If a script requires SSI ask your site host if you have it. Also anytime you put coding on an html page that requires SSI you need to save the page as an .shtml for it to work. Make sure to update any links to this page also.

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