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Below are Samples of our Awards. Do not download and use these on your site. If you are a Winner we will send your award without the Sample Only print.

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2CoolBaby Family Safe Web Award

This award is for sites that are geared toward families. Parenting, Family Interests etc...

2CoolBaby Kid Safe Content Web Award

This award is for sites that contain content that is geared toward kids. Games, activities etc...

2CoolBaby Web award

This award is for sites that try to Make A Difference in the World around us. Sites that Care.

Apply for one of our 2CoolBaby Web Site Achievement Awards. If your site meets the following requirements you may possibly win one.

Site Requirements for Award Consideration:

• Outstanding Content for Families and/or Kids
• Pleasing Design
• Family and/or Kid Safe
• Site owner must be at least 14 years of age

We are very particular about the sites we award, as such these sites will not be considered:

• Site that is not family and/or kid safe, or links to sites that are pornographic, illegal or hateful.
• Personal Famliy Pages
• Sites with excessive affiliate links
• Sites promoting mlm's.
• Link Farms
• Commercial sites with no content.

We are looking for sites that are pleasing to the eye and offer truly outstanding content for visitors. Winners will receive their award and all information by e-mail within 2 weeks. If we do not contact you within that time period, then you are welcome to re-apply if you have made significant site changes.

All Winners sites will be listed on our Award Winners Page with links to their site. Please fill out this form to apply.

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Site Name

Short site description

Award Applying For

2CoolBaby Famliy Safe Site Award

2CoolBaby Kid Safe Site Award

2CoolBaby Site that Makes a Difference Award

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