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Sometimes we wonder "I am only 1 person, how could I possibly make a difference in the world?" People all over the world are creating petitions that do make changes. But for them to work we need individuals that care to take 1 minute out of their busy schedules to sign them. The voice of the people can prevail & change the world we live in. I have links to many current petitions, listed by subject. Take a minute to help change the world!

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Report Child PornSo many people don't want to know what is going on - They don't want to get involved. Children can't protect themselves... it's up to us who care to protect them. If you suspect a child is being abused please call your local child protective agency. It is anonymous. You just might save a child's life. Thank You for your support in our fight to protect our children.
The Department of Health and Human Services Releases 2000 Child Abuse Report Data

Cases of child abuse and neglect rose in 2000 for the first time in seven years, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on April 19, 2002. The annual report on child maltreatment in the United States identified nearly 900,000 children victimized.

According to the information presented by HHS, confirmed maltreatment cases peaked in 1993, with 15.3 per 1,000 children. The rate fell for six straight years, hitting 11.8 per thousand in 1999. In 2000, there were 12.2 cases per thousand, or a total of about 879,000, out of about 3 million referrals for suspected maltreatment. Wade Horn, HHS assistant secretary for children and families, was reported as saying that the number is too high, whether or not the increase suggests a new trend. "Behind these statistics are real children who are suffering real physical and emotional pain,'' Horn said in a statement. "We are working hard to reduce these numbers, and we must rededicate ourselves to successful prevention efforts."

About 1,200 children died of abuse or neglect in 2000, a small increase from 1999 that HHS officials believe is due to improved reporting, according to the AP release.

Of those child abuse and neglect reports that were confirmed, 62 percent suffered neglect, 19 percent were physically abused, 10 percent were sexually abused, and 8 percent were psychologically maltreated. Consistent with previous years, 84 percent of victims were abused by a parent.

Mandatory Life Sentence for Child Predators - Follow this link to sign this petition asking our government to amend the laws regarding the sentences of convicted Pedophiles & Child Pornography Producers. These criminals have violated the most helpless members of our society. They steal their innocence in a violent way that leave scars that last a lifetime. We ask that these perpetrators receive mandatory life sentences, as this is the same sentence they have given to their victims. Research has shown pedophiles as having an average of over 300 victims by the time they reach they age of 35. They have very poor capacity for rehabilitation and are seen as life-long, and at high risk for re-offence. Releasing a child predator upon society to destroy more innocent lives is wrong and needs to be stopped. Help us put a stop to the victimization of our children. Every child, in every society, has the right to grow up in an environment, which is dedicated to his or her protection

Support Key Welfare Principles - In order to truly move poor families out of poverty and into self-sufficiency, we must shift the welfare reauthorization debate away from "more work &emdash; less money" to one that emphasizes education, training and increased child-care funding. Urge your senators to support these key welfare principles. Things are very hard for most single mothers unless they are fortunate enough to have family that can help them. In my area the average uneducated mother makes $6.00 per hour. Child care costs an average of $125.00 per week. So after taxes and child care she bring home about $75 per week! How do you support a family on $75 a week? You can't. Key Welfare principles would allow mothers to become better educated therefore allowing them higher wages and help with day care expenses. To a struggling single mother this could literally change their lives!

The Care Act

In most states the penalty for an adult who rapes a child is twenty years plus - UNLESS that adult happens to be related to the child - in which case the maximum sentence could be PROBATION. There is legislation now pending in Congress to change all this. IF YOU CARE, ACT!

Stop Child Abuse by Religious Leaders - Sexual abuse is perpetrated by all manner of people on those that are powerless or are too trusting. It is in no way specific to one church or to religious institutions. It festers and continues when those who abuse are not reported and prosecuted. All too often, religious leaders, when confronted with abuse, enter into confidential financial settlements that leave the community unaware of the crime and the perpetrator free to abuse again -- sometimes harming dozens of victims. More...

Bush Administration Suspends Rule Making Prescription Drugs Safer for Children - The Bush administration has decided to suspend a rule that requires pharmaceutical companies to test whether their products are safe for children. The change by the Food and Drug Administration rolls back a 1997 rule implemented by the Clinton Administration that ensured doctors have the information they need when prescribing prescription drugs to children.

Doctors' groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, blasted the Bush administration decision. They claimed that allowing drug companies to decide when they will test their products for safety in children will make it more difficult for doctors to judge which drugs -- and at what dosages -- are safe for children. Robert Ward, a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics, gave the example of Priscoline, a drug for hypertension which was given to infants in dosages based on estimates. Those dosages were later found to be strong enough to stop infants' hearts. Click Here to take action

Help End Child Slave Labor - Follow this link to read more about what is going on and sign this petition.

Fight Hunger in America - All people are equally deserving of a life with dignity and the basic necessities for human growth and development. Access to adequate nutrition is one of these basic necessities. E-mail your senators and ask them to support the Nutrition Assistance for Working Families Act.

Child Abuse Legislation Project - Get info on new legislation and petitions in the area of child abuse.

Stop the use of Land Mines - Every 22 minutes someone is maimed or killed be a landmine. Sign the Peoples Treaty to help us ban landmines.

Support the Right Start Act - Encourage your senators to support the Right Start Act and give all children the assistance they need to grow up healthy, educated, and safe.

Require Background checks on all camp workers - keep our camps safe.

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