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Sometimes we wonder "I am only 1 person, how could I possibly make a difference in the world?" People all over the world are creating petitions that do make changes. But for them to work we need individuals that care to take 1 minute out of their busy schedules to sign them. The voice of the people can prevail & change the world we live in. I have links to many current petitions, listed by subject. Take a minute to help change the world!

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Stand up for dolphins and whales - As the U.S. tries to be not only a superpower but a super-duper power, the Navy is developing fancy new underwater sonar systems. Unfortunately, the gizmos threaten dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and untold other critters. Demand that the Navy drop its plans for the sake of Moby, Willy, and all their pals. Here is a letter that explains in more detail sent to me by James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Read This!

Stop the use of Land Mines - Every 22 minutes someone is maimed or killed be a landmine. Sign the Peoples Treaty to help us ban landmines.

Stop the Suffering of Horses to Produce Premerin

Total Ban of Commercial Whaling

Save the Tigers - Stop the poaching of these almost extinct animals for chinese "medicines"

Stop the torture of bears - Help us end the extreme suffering of over 10,000 bears.

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