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If you care about our Mother Earth please do your part.

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Legislative Watch - Do you ever wonder what is going on with new legislation that concerns our environment? Stop wondering and go here where they keep you up to date!

RedJellyFish.com is your gateway to natural living. Join free today and find great Earth friendly products. Surf the green wave on over to RedJellyFish.com today.

Biogems. - As a BioGems Defender, you'll be part of a coordinated effort to save extraordinary, and threatened, wild places and species. Once you begin sending BioGems action messages, we'll start recording "action credits" in your personal Action Visa. Your Action Visa allows you to track the actions you've taken (along with the associated action credits you've earned), follow the results you've helped to achieve, and redeem your action credits for special items that celebrate the wild places you're working to save. We'll also send you BioGems email updates with progress reports on specific BioGems and additional ways you can make a difference. Working together, we truly can achieve momentous change.

Horizon Solutions for Kids - This is an environmentally friendly site that has discussions, contests, learning about the environment and more.

Recycle City - A great place to learn about recycling - has games, activities, graphics and more!

Get a FREE Planet Protector Kit! It includes:-Two pocket guides (one for adults and one for children) and an order form -An official membership certificate -An official Planet Protectors Club badge -Activity guides for grades K-3 and 4-6 -A Planet Protectors Club poster -A board game about recycling -Great adventures on the Web!

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