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House Passes New Internet Child Porno Ban - Supporters claim latest version, unlike the one rejected by Supreme Court in April, will pass constitutional review.

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The Department of Health and Human Services Releases 2000 Child Abuse Report Data

Cases of child abuse and neglect rose in 2000 for the first time in seven years, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on April 19, 2002. The annual report on child maltreatment in the United States identified nearly 900,000 children victimized.

According to the information presented by HHS, confirmed maltreatment cases peaked in 1993, with 15.3 per 1,000 children. The rate fell for six straight years, hitting 11.8 per thousand in 1999. In 2000, there were 12.2 cases per thousand, or a total of about 879,000, out of about 3 million referrals for suspected maltreatment. Wade Horn, HHS assistant secretary for children and families, was reported as saying that the number is too high, whether or not the increase suggests a new trend. "Behind these statistics are real children who are suffering real physical and emotional pain,'' Horn said in a statement. "We are working hard to reduce these numbers, and we must rededicate ourselves to successful prevention efforts."

About 1,200 children died of abuse or neglect in 2000, a small increase from 1999 that HHS officials believe is due to improved reporting, according to the AP release.

Of those child abuse and neglect reports that were confirmed, 62 percent suffered neglect, 19 percent were physically abused, 10 percent were sexually abused, and 8 percent were psychologically maltreated. Consistent with previous years, 84 percent of victims were abused by a parent.

Please help us put an end to this. Those that know about abuse going on and choose not to get involved are a part of the problem. Instead be a part of the solution. Children can't protect themselves... it's up to us who care to protect them. If you suspect a child is being abused please call your local child protective agency. It is anonymous. You just might save a child's life. Thank You for your support in our fight to protect our children.

Childrens Petitions - Help protect our children by signing these petitions that could make a difference in their quality of life.

Complete Listing Of Sexual Offender Registries - Just Click on your state to search or get info.

National Child Help Hotlines - Here is a list of numbers to find the help you may need.

A Childs 10 Commandments for Parents

2002 6th Annual SingleRose.com Angel Assistance Program - In previous years, the program was a great success in providing gifts for single-mom families in need. If you can afford to help a family in need then you can become an Angel and adopt a family for this Christmas Holiday and buy gifts for the family who might not otherwise have a Christmas. If you are a single mom and times are tough then this program can help provide a Christmas for your family.

The completely online process makes it super-easy to apply for assistance, view recipient information, and most importantly BE AN ANGEL! Together we can make Christmas a joy for all. If you can't afford to adopt a family by yourself consider joining forces with friends or family to adopt a family in need. Believe me when I say the feeling of doing good will last far longer than the presents themselves.

Read Lisa's Story - Is your child bullied? Maybe you don't know that they are. Children can be really cruel to each other. If you are popular in school please read this story. Don't be a part of this huge problem.

Childlookout - A company dedicated to the safety of children. You will find safety products, information and links to other sites on safety. Their video registration service would be invaluable in the event your child was missing. We don't wish to think that it could happen to ours but every 40 seconds a child becomes missing!

Over The River And Through The Woods...A Grandparents Day Tribute To Those Who Have Lost A Grandchild This is a Grandparents Day Tribute to all grandparents who have lost a grandchild to disease. Come out and order your FREE Childhood Cancer Awareness pin, click on the free buttons to help with disease research, or find out how to become a bone marrow donor. Better cures are so badly needed...please come help the fight!

Insights -a non-profit organization that offers free textbooks for grades K-12. If you need to have your books shipped, they will contact you with the shipping fee amount. They also accept donations from schools and individuals of textbooks.

Make A Child Smile

FREE online vision test! - It is possible to have a serious vision problem and not know it. Vision problems that are left undetected and untreated may lead to vision loss and in some cases blindness. Early detection is the key to minimizing vision loss. Test yourself and your children. This test is not a replacement for seeing your eyedoctor.

EHAP - Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia. If you find a child porn site, newsgroup or other related illegal activities on the web you can report them here and they will investigate and after getting all possible information turn it over to the proper authorities.

Receive a FREE Child ID Kit To empower parents in the event of an emergency, we are giving away 100,000 FREE Child ID Kits. The ID Kit will allow you to have current comprehensive details of your children on file.

Lets Talk About Touching Coloring Book - We can never completely protect our loved ones from sexual abuse, but we can help keep them safe through education and awareness. By learning about good, bad, and secret touching, children are less likely to become victims. This coloring book was designed for a child to share with a special grown up.

Childrens Causes - Here is a site that has some good links to some children's causes including Send A Child A Smile!

Victims by Chance... Survivors by Choice - This is a great site dealing with domestic violence. If you have been or are currently a victim of domestic violence you need to see this site. I list it here because children are also victims of domestic violence. Even if a child is not abused (although this is not usually the case) they are emotionally crippled by witnessing violence against their parent.

Wise women of the Web - Abuse Survivor Stories and Networking.

Guide to Protecting Your Children - A Must read for all parents.

Sweetest Blessings and The Garden Children's Memorial - Raising awareness of Childhood Cancers and the need for cures

Become a mentor! - Make a difference in someone's life. When you become a mentor, you can change a child's life for the good.

Read the Presidential Proclamation which declares April to be National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Children of the Night is an organization dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11-17 who are sexually abused and forced to prostitute on the streets for food to eat and a place to sleep. Since 1979 they have saved over 10,000 children.
A Poem dedicated to the Children of the Night. Very Moving.

Children's Vision Correction - Do you know a child who needs an needs glasses, but whoseparents cannot afford glasses? Pass this site on to those in need. The annual Free Eyeglasses For Kids program will be underway for children and youth who squint; have trouble reading a bookor seeing the blackboard; have broken a pair of glasses orsimply need a pair.
The visual exam and spectacles are free. There are no costs.The only eligibility requirements are:
* A person in the household, not necessarily a parent, must be employed.
* No health insurance.
* The combined household income must be less than afixed amount based on the number of people in the household

Insure Kids Now - This is a site to help you get free or low cost health insurance for your children. No child should be without it.

Check out the story A Child Can Make A Difference. Children have dreams too. This is the story of little ones with big dreams that made them come true. They make a difference everyday! This story was written by Rachel Paxton who has a wonderful family orientated site CreativeHomemaking

YMCA - Join the YMCA - It's one of the best things you can do for your family. Nurture the Mind, Body & Spirit. Most YMCA's offer before and after school child care. Numerous safe and fun activities for you and the children. If you can't afford it, many will charge on a sliding scale - by your income level. Follow this link to get more information and find the one closest to you.

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