The Exploding Volcano

brought to you by 2CoolBaby

This may get messy!


• Salt dough:

- 6 Cups Flour
- 2 Cups Salt
- 4 TBSP Oil
- 2 Cups Water

• Plastic soda bottle (2 litre works best)
• Baking sheet
• Warm water
• Red food colouring
• 6 Drops Liquid dish detergent
• 2 TBSP Baking soda
• Vinegar


 1. Create a "salt dough" by mixing ingredients in a large bowl. Mix with your hands until the dough is smooth and firm. Add a little bit more water to the mixture if needed.

2. Stand the clean soda bottle in the middle of the baking sheet. Mold the salt dough around the bottle, making sure that you don't cover up the bottle mouth (the hole at the top) or drop any dough into the bottle. Take your time and build the volcano of your dreams…

3. Fill the bottle most of the way with warm water mixed with a little of the red food colouring.

4. Add liquid dish detergent into the bottle.

5. Add baking soda to the water/detergent mixture in the bottle.

6. Slowly pour vinegar into the bottle and jump back!

Notice the red "lava" that flows out of your volcano. This happens because of the baking soda and vinegar mixture. By mixing the two together you produce a chemical reaction in which carbon dioxide gas is created - the same gas that bubbles in a real volcano! The gas bubbles build up in the bottle, forcing the liquid "lava" mixture out of the bottle and down the sides of your volcano.

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